In 2017, WADU Will Remain Fierce, Pan African Ubuntu Union & WAU Commission

Press Advisory          Contact: Min. P.D. Menelik Harris  404-822-2049 1/1/2017

GA – In 2017, marking the 10th anniversary of the formal organization of the World African Diaspora Union (WADU), we will remain the “fierce Africans” Marcus Garvey envisioned to accomplish our Pan African will. We are very thankful for your support over the years and even more grateful for the great Freedom Fighter Elombe Brath who initiated WADU to counter the re-colonial scramble for Africa and to support a Union Government of Africa. 2017 will also mark a decade of the grand failure of the AU Grand Debate, after President Moamar Khaddafi 1999 major push to fast-track a United States of Africa.

The failure of AU to advance a Pan African Government at the Grand Debate in Ghana in 2007 is certainly haunting us today similar to the historic betrayal of President Kwame Nkrumah’s work for a powerful Government. Nkrumah warned then that the creation of the OAU in 1963 without Union Government system will make it a tool for the re-colonization of Africa. The O-AU has certainly become a tool of foreign powers. Nonetheless, after the 2007 Africa failure for a Government, the AU recommended that a commission be established to advance a Government by 2017-2020. WADU is calling for immediate action for our Government now as the highest priority within the recently adopted 2063 Agenda imposed on the AU by the EU, USA, Saudia, Qatar… after their recent attacks on Africa.

Let me remind our family members that WADU was created at this very strategic moment in history with the support of some of the most distinguished leaders and intellectuals. The quality leadership in the creation of WADU is unprecedented and it was designed for several important reasons. First, Brath and I insisted that we needed some of the strongest of our leaders in a new structure to resist the re-colonization war on Africa. Second, though strongly supportive to the AU agenda for a Government, we were getting mixed signals from the AU and we needed the most respectable leaders to authenticate the AU agenda to ensure we were not betrayed again.

Finally, Brath realized that there were operatives claiming to be Pan Africanists and representatives of the AU in our midst and he insisted that we needed a strong Pan African front to counter them. WADU more than any other organization was able to advance the true Pan African objective, but not without a cost. Indeed, though attacked, some of us have been able to resist and maintain our Pan African “ASE” to serve Africans with the highest level of integrity and Africanity.

In 2017, in addition to WADU continuing its bold and robust Pan African offense inspired by Baba Brath at its founding, Minister Menelik as its Secretary General/Leader will push for a World African Union (WAU) Commission and a United States of Africa Church (USAC) or Ubuntu Union. The WAU Commission will be established to expedite the Union Government of Africa consisting of some of the best minds in the African world. These key leaders and intellectuals will ensure the AU which is now hijacked and over-dependent on foreign powers restores our fast-track self-Governing trajectory for African people.

Further, WAU will serve as a commission to ensure there is legitimate heir for Pan African Governance from the O-AU. Further, Min. Menelik will re-launch IAM Ubuntu as USACU in 2017. USACU will serve as the continuation of the IAM Ubuntu Pan African Ministries established in 1999 to fortify the work for a Government declared by Khaddafi in 1999. By 2003, IAMU became the main vehicle with the RHAW to initiate WADU in 2007. Unlike the IAMU, the USACU as the new IAMU “peoples” congregations will be dedicated to key Pan African leaders who have demonstrated clear Pan African “Union” victory such as HIM Menelik 11, Marcus Garvey, Amy Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Al Khaddafi…

Africans, in 2017, we will need your kind support to work and serve as never before to attain our Pan African mission. In WADU, we are seeking only those who are fierce activists to check and counter the re-colonization war for Africa. In WAU, we need some of our best thinkers and strategists to reestablish leadership with integrity in the African world. Finally, join our United States of Africa Congregations in your State or nation to rebuild the Pan African mass movement. For more information, contact


Min. (Mganga) P. D. Menelik Harris is an uncompromised and principled Pan Africanist who has served Africa with powerful leaders since joining the liberation (anti-apartheid) movement as a student in the 1980’s. He played a successful role in a number of key U.S. (Diaspora)-Africa policy objectives such as promoting and increasing African Development Assistance, fair Africa trade and investments and human rights and justice. Menelik was especially a key organizer in the Nigerian Democracy Movement supporting freedom and justice of the Ogoni people and for the release of imprisoned President-elect MKO Abiola. Additionally, in the late 1990’s, he helped to spearhead the historic U.S.-Africa Trade bill to jump-start pan African global trade and the industrialization of Africa. In 1999, he also initiated the Ubuntu Pan African Ministries coinciding and in support of the launching of the AU -Government declared by the Late President Khaddafi. To strengthen the Pan African Movement in the 21st century, he co-founded WADU in 2007 after been urged by Baba Elombe Brath (2003) to help halt re-colonization of Africa and to fast-track a Union Government in Africa.