Let’s Press Ethiopia, AU… for Exemplary Leadership and Pan African Governance

World African Diaspora Union (WADU) Press Advisory    10/10/2016

GA - The World African Diaspora Union (WADU) is calling for immediate action to halt the deteriorating situation in Ethiopia, the Capitol for global African people. The situation in Ethiopia should be treated as part of the overall escalation of the war for the re-colonization of Africa.

In Ethiopia, as elsewhere, African people’s rights to decent life are rapidly deteriorating. We are even becoming refugees in Africa due to the foreign created and sponsored “War on Terror” now destroying Africa. If Ethiopia falls into chaos, the already diminished state of Africans, the African Union, Africa and surely the situation of the Diaspora will only exacerbate with much greater disrespect, injustice and indignity of Black lives, everywhere.

Therefore, WADU is urging the following actions to help resolve the crisis. First, contact the Ethiopian representatives in your capitol and at the United Nations urging them to make immediate concessions to integrate the various ethnic groups within the Federal system of Ethiopia to enjoy their natural rights, justice and for full partnership in the Government of Ethiopia.

Second, urge the African Union to impress upon the Ethiopian government to make the necessary compromises to resolve these major issues immediately, otherwise, Ethiopia should be restricted from any major appointments in the AU body, discourage further investments in Ethiopia and the AU to vacate Ethiopia as the Capitol of Africa.

Most importantly, we must press both the Ethiopian government and the African Union to take immediate actions to establish a Union Government to ensure we have a comprehensive plan to fully and immediately integrate Africa under a Pan African Union Government, to maximize the use of all Africa resources for all our people.

However, our Union Government agenda should be within the scope and vision of those like Garvey, Nkrumah, Sankara and Khaddafi, not the current extension of the Berlin Conference agreement under Brussels, London and Washington plan imposed by Hillary Clinton and President Obama. We must restore the trajectory for our fast-track Government re-launched in 2003 but was betrayed and then hijacked recently by the US, USA and Saudia led attacks on Africa.

A major problem in Ethiopia and among most African nations is that our great wealth of resources that should to be shared for the progress of all Africans in the various national or ethic (tribal) groups across Africa and the world are either stolen by the Black elite in partnership with the global corporate cabal of capital or wasted away in the EU and USA initiated “War on Terror”… for Africa. Trillions of dollars of our resources are stolen and trillions more are spent destroying much of Africa and killing our people, mainly in North, East, Central and West Africa.

Southern Africa is the next target especially with the siege on Zimbabwe. Ethiopia as well as other key nations in the AU has seen the brunt of this “war on terror” imposed on Africa by the Hillary-Obama regime disguised as a fight for democracy and humanitarianism. Africa’s conflicts and chaos will only expand and deepen without a Pan African federal system.

Sadly, the Ethiopian government which has had immense influences on the African Union since its very inception in 1963 has failed African people by not robustly supporting the agenda for the immediate or to fast track the full integration of our people in a Union Government.

We are thankful for Emperor Menelik for formally hastening the Pan African Movement which has liberated Africa and Emperor Selassie for co-founding the OAU. But we are even more thankful for those like President Nkrumah, President Sankara and recently President Khaddafi who sacrificed for us in their unprecedented passion and power for a Union Government but were betrayed.

A Union Government would unleash Africa’s fullest potential and power across Africa and the globe to protect Africa and Africans, promote economic empowerment and preserve our enduring heritage. Without clear and direct action by Africans in leadership for our Government the pandemonium and pillage will continue to spread and engulf the whole continent, for many years to come. Some African nations have already collapsed recently under the weight of the unified re-colonial war from Europe and the USA.

Our failures and weaknesses to learn from lessons of history are used as justifications to accelerate the militarization of African nations and communities (globally) by colonial forces to regain control over Africa that will soon become another a re-colonial mandate as the “white man’s burden” to “democratize” Africa in the 21st century.

Finally, we are urging imperialist powers, especially those who participated in the colonial enslavement of Africans, not to meddle in African internal affairs but to allow Africans to resolve our problems through Pan African authority and power. At the same time, those among the Black or African elite serving as operatives for foreign powers at the highest levels of the AU and in foreign nations in the ongoing de-stabilization and betrayal of Africa should be investigated and punish for colluding in furthering the re-colonial enslavement of Africans.

After centuries of destruction of African lives, we are demanding exemplary leadership. For more information contact wadupam.org or wadupam@aol.com.