WADU Calls for Actions for Trump to Support African Peace and Empowerment

Immediate Release      2/21/2017      Min. P.D. Menelik Harris wadupam.org         wadupam@aol.com 404-822-2049

GA. - During Black History Month, the World African Diaspora Union (WADU) is urging all people of Africa to contact President Donald Trump to support a Union Government of Africa, the Expansion of AGOA and Reparations. President Trump has an historic opportunity and obligation to change the direction of the last several administrations especially previous their decisions that have resulted in the unprecedented reign of “Terror War” across the continent of Africa. Indeed, WADU condemned President Barack Obama’s decision to attack Libya, with the support of France, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Al Qaeda, of which he called a “sh*t show”. His attack has created more chaos, destruction and misery across Africa, reflective of the worse of colonial slavery.

Trump became the President at a time when the African Union has appointed new leaders to focus on resolving the multiple crises across Africa which are the continuation of the long legacy of colonial slavery extending into the current new scramble for African resources and major attacks on Africa. Thus, we are calling on the current U.S. administration to take actions that will finally promote peace, empowerment and prosperity of African people, in Africa, in the USA and across its Diaspora. The faith leaders and African activists of WADU and with the support of other key organizations are urging the Trump administration to: 1. Strengthen the African Union into a fast-track Government; 2. to modify and expand AGOA as the Paul Cuffee-Marcus Garvey African (Zimbabwe) Empowerment Act; and 3. to enact Reparations for African people.

In the strengthening of the African Union into a Government, we are urging the Trump Administration to earmark $100 billion dollars to restore the original AU agenda to fast-track the AU Government. We are also asking the new President to “Drain the Swamp” to return the $97 billion earmarked by President Moumar Khaddafi to create a United States of Africa, which was the original intent of the African Union. The AU and its antecedent the Organization of African Unity (OAU), in their attempts to resolve African crises using African solutions have mostly failed to create a Government mainly due to the embedded legacy of colonial slavery, tribalism, micro-nationalism, and neocolonialism. The pervasive and peculiar culture of corruption, greed and chaos stemming from centuries foreign attacks, colonial dependency and de-stabilizing wars have mostly rendered African leaders mute.

The attack on Libya and the neocon policy for regime changes across Africa have not only made Africa and the world more vulnerable to instability, but has made the African leaders less effective in resolving African issues. All should be clear that our most promising African solution to our problems remains in the establishment of a Union Government. In this regard, Trump has a historic opportunity to establish a new global standard to reconcile with its enslaved African population by supporting the empowerment of Africa to form a Government, to halt Africa further descent into chaos.

Second, WADU is calling is calling for the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) to be modified as the new AGOA Garvey [AU, Zimbabwe, African American] Empowerment Act. A new AGOA bill should ensure that all African nations in the African Union system be favorable and justly granted the right to participate in conducting trade with the United States without the current restrictions, including those in northern Africa, as deemed by the AU Authority Government. Second, the restrictive U.S. trade law, since the Bush and Obama administrations against Zimbabwe, be immediately abolished and for Zimbabwe to fully participate in AGOA and other related U.S. affairs. The restrictive trade policy with Zimbabwe has unjustly and inhumanely re-shackled, impoverished and immiserized the people of this wealthy and proud nation from conducting just, meaningful and critical trade to free themselves from colonial slavery.

Finally, the new AGOA Garvey bill should provide for special incentives to African Americans to gain the necessary professional economic education, training and funding through Black institutions such as Historically Black Colleges and Universities HBCUs) and African American Banks, to participate in establishing businesses, global enterprises and venture investment opportunities with Africa and the Caribbean through the AGOA-Garvey bill. The historic AGOA bill was supported by 100 percent of African governments and the Washington D.C. African Diplomatic Corp, especially Zimbabwe, Djibouti, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Uganda consulted regularly to promote its success.

Indeed, it was after Senator Trent Lott was pressed by Black and White faith leaders and activists in Mississippi to support a Fair Trade Bill for Africa, it was passed and signed by President Bill Clinton. The AGOA trade bill is a culmination African people’s struggle and campaign to transform and empower African people to be truly liberated in the 21st century by effecting the economic growth of Africans, through fair global trade to help reconnect Africa’s scattered family in the U.S., and across the world.

Finally, WADU is calling for Reparations for Enslaved Africans. We are urging President Trump to support the call for Reparations in the form of restitutive or compensatory payment to African people who have been enslaved in these United States of America for centuries. As a consequence of the rapacious and exploitive enslavement of Africans, the United States and other Western European nations who participated and benefited directly from African enslavement have become the most powerful and wealthy nations on earth. In contrast, Africa and African people who have suffered the most are the most impoverished.

Further, we are calling for the new administration to support HR40 to form a Commission to review recommendations for Reparations for African Americans. The U.S. government must acknowledge the evil and horrendous system of chattel slavery, colonial slavery and the Black codes of law, which has permeated the global system and is used to promote discrimination and racism in the subjugation of African people, worldwide.

In conclusion, WADU is calling all Africans, friends of Africans and all people of good will to contact the administration of President Donald Trump to support the acceleration of the African Union to fast-track the Union Government. Support the expansion of AGOA and take immediate actions on Reparations for African people. For more information, please contact WADU at the above number and call the White House at 202-456-1111 or 1414.


Minister P.D. Menelik Harris, Secretary General/Chief Organizer of WADU, is a successful Pan African activist since a university student in the 1980’s promoting the liberation struggles of southern Africa and in the Americas. In the 1990’s, he helped to spearhead the campaign for the restoration of democracy in Nigeria (President-elect Abiola/Ogoni) and other peace and justice African issues. As one of the most relentless proponent for a Federated Africa in the new century, he helped to spearhead the launching WADU (by 2007) to support the African Union work for a Union Government. WADU was formed under the guidance of historic Pan African leadership especially by Baba Elombe Brath and Baba Rev. Dr. Ndugu T’Ofori-Atta, with Baba Ambassador Dudley Thompson as its first President. Similar effort was made under President Obama but billions of dollars were spent instead by his administration to administer the unprecedented war on Africa.