WADU Calls for Pan African Diaspora Official Participation in AU Decisions, Restore Our Rights

World African Diaspora Union (WADU)      Press Advisory      Min. P.D. Menelik Harris 404-822-2049 wadupam@aol.com 12/5/2016

GA - The World African Diaspora Union (WADU) is urging the African Union (AU) to officially invite key leaders of the African Diaspora to participate in the upcoming African Union Debate for the post of the new Chair of the AU Commission.  The invitees should at minimum consist of the former Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson, CARICOM; Mr. Ajamu Baraka, Attorney and representative of the Black Agenda Report (BAR); and or Mr. David Commissiong, Attorney and a leader of the Caribbean Pan African Network. We are also strongly calling for the extension of this invitation of these leaders and other true Pan African Diaspora leaders to participate in the upcoming AU Summit in January 2017. Indeed, the highest priority order should be to CARICOM, BAR, D-12, WADU, CPAN, AAPRP…

The above leaders have demonstrated a high level of positive engagements not only for African people within the African Diaspora for many over years but also an acute awareness and involvement with the situation of Africans in Africa and across the world. Her Excellency Portia Simpson has not only directly supported the African Union but she is a “Legacy” of the Late Pan African Legend His Excellency Dudley Thompson of Jamaica/Panama. Baba Thompson not only took the historic charge at the 5th Pan African Congress (PAC) with Nkrumah and other pioneers of the OAU to liberate Africans but went further in collaboration with Cuba and others in the Diaspora and Africa to liberate Africa. Mr. Baraka as a Human Rights lawyer has been at the center of the struggle for African people at the local, national and global level, culminating in his bold leadership challenge to Hillary and Trump duopoly in the recent U.S. presidential election. Commissiong has served also as a Human Rights lawyer for Africans in  CARICOM and the Latin America region, and Africans worldwide. A longtime Pan Africanist, he was directly cited by the Late H.E. Dudley Thompson as an important leader for Africans.

As you may know, Africa and African the people are in the midst of an extremely dangerous crossroads in history as predicted by some of our great leaders and intellectuals such as those like Baba Elombe Brath, Dr. John H. Clarke, President Kwame Nkrumah, Kwame Ture, and President Moamar Khaddafi. Consequently, Africans everywhere must be summoned, mobilized and charge to fulfill our Pan African duty to build an African Union Government responsive to the needs of all Africans, including those who have been dragged from our Homeland into enslavement for centuries. Africans, Africa needs all hands on deck beyond the neo-colonial elite who have been instructed by their “foreign fronts for profits” to desecrate, dismember and destroy Africa, in the new global scramble to control African resources.

Family, when the AU rejected Haiti’s official representation in the AU, the leadership of Africa signaled a formal rejection of the African Diaspora that has been enslaved in genocidal chattel slavery long before the formal colonial enslavement of our family in Africa. We who have also made noble sacrifices to uphold our Africanness by fighting ferociously in the famous African “Maroon” wars, in the highly celebrated Haitian Revolution, in the nightmare Civil Rights struggles in the USA, have also led the liberation war for Africa with Pan Africanists, spearheaded by Diaspora Cuba.  Let us be clear that it was President Khaddafi who recently led the best of the both the African and African Diaspora Pan African agenda of those like Garvey and Nkrumah for the full participation of the African Diaspora in the AU.

Africans, let us send a strong message to the AU that the time is now for the Africans in the  Diaspora to be officially involved in the direction of our Homeland, Africa, and this without instructions from the EU, USA and other imperialists. Indeed, the African Union will not have authenticity legitimacy and authority in the world without fully restoring the rights of her children it has abandoned for too long at the mercy of terrorists. For more information on ways to engage the AU and Pan African Movement for African victory, please contact wadupam@aol.com.